Cargo Bikes

Living in an industrial town, you gain a unique insight into how production facilities work, how they are laid out for peak efficiency and some of the tools they use to increase production.

One of the orders that surprised me was when one of the largest manufacturers in our area came to us for cargo trikes. They wanted three- or four-wheel bikes made from reinforced metal that they could use to transport material around the shop.

Granted, they have a large shop. I would estimate that the entire plant is about four city blocks large. It takes up a good chunk of land, and a lot of time can be lost in transporting employees and materials from one area of the shop to another.

I suppose I would have thought that they would use some modified golf cart for getting around the shop.

And, while they do have a few of these golf carts for the top level staff to use, they find that the pedal carts work better for transporting small amounts of material around the shop.

There are two large advantages with this method. The first is that these bikes require very few repairs. A little grease, a little air (some even have airless foam tires), and these will run for years with little to no maintenance.

The other advantage is that these carts much less than then a golf cart. So they can invest in more of them, increasing the productivity in a greater area of the shop for less investment.

In the day of digital everything, the thought of employees pedaling carts around may seem a little quaint. But, as an economical way of moving small amounts of ancillary supplies to their destination, these carts are unbeatable.

Are Commercial Cargo Trikes Good For Residential Use?

These carts are well-built with many of them lasting for 20 or more years of service. So what about buying one for daily transportation?

The first drawback is that they are made out of heavy steel. This drives up the price, making it a less economical option.

The added weight of their commercial construction also detracts from their usability, creating a real tank of a machine that is difficult to pedal around town, lift over obstacles or get up a hill.

Where these machines excel is in the flat space on the smooth floor of a production plant. They don’t perform very well outside of those narrow parameters.

However, there are excellent bicycles on the market for commuters to use. You can either add racks to an existing bicycle or pick up one of our custom creations that are designed with a more extended, larger racks to accommodate the needs of the urban family.

Additionally, our bikes are made from titanium — one of the lightest materials available — to create an enjoyable, easy-to-pedal ride.

Some people try to use trikes to get around town. However, trikes are notoriously difficult to pedal and awkward to maneuver. Choosing a bicycle works better in the long run for the bike-minded family.