7503917454_0250e0d92e_oWelcome To My Online Bicycle Welding Project

I’m a Berkeley, dude with a background in welding and machining. I’m currently going to school full time, so things around the shop have been a little slow. I’m still building a bike every 4 months or so plus designing with auto desk (CAD) software. I have some stuff on the way: t-shirts, a few plate parts, and just maybe an open source cargo bike design with assembly instructions. Feel free to contact me about bike building (particularly cargo bikes), repair, or other specialty welding projects. If you want a frame it could take up to a year I will let you know if you’re going to have to wait more than the usual 6 months. But what’s the rush?┬áThe longer I take the better a job I do.

What I Do

Everything I make is machined/welded/painted right here in Bay Area, one at a time. I source cargo bike tubing from Germany and the US. The dropouts I don’t make in the shop are typically machined in Richmond. So far every bike I have made has been drawn in one to one by me, and not that I’m getting into 3D modeling design takes even longer (the dividends are real). But thus far they are all one offs. I have little interest in manufacturing a single product before all my questions have been answered. Production efficiency is not in my vocabulary. I do not do this because its practical or profitable, I do this because I’m excited about bicycles, excited that I can make them, and excited about being a part of the reemergence of a strong culture of bicycling, particularly the re-evolution of the old dutch front loader cargo bike.