About Cleaver Bikes


Cleaver Bikes is a one-man bicycle frame building operation, based in Berkeley, California, offering individually designed and fabricated steel and titanium bicycles.

Everything is machined/welded/painted right here in the Bay Area, one at a time. Cleaver Bikes cargo bike tubing is generally sourced from Germany and the US. Any dropouts not made in the shop are machined locally in Richmond, CA.

In addition to bicycle builds, the shop also offers frame repair and small-batch welding and machining contracting.

There are several new products on the way:

t-shirts, a few dropouts, a refrigerator magnet, a couple of simple frame building tools, and an open source cargo bike with assembly instructions.

About the builder

Cleaver has a background in welding and machining. He currently a part-time student, but is still designing and building bicycles.